All the clients who have opted for the Compliant Experts safety management services shall be subjected to the following terms and conditions. Organizations should ensure that they thoroughly go through these terms and conditions to sign a contract of collaborating with us over a short or long duration of time.

Any business or organization collaborating with us should be able to provide us the information and access to the necessary documentation to deliver the services at any point in time in the tenure of the contract.

To undergo the Compliant Experts training program, the client has to provide a workplace environment that is free from any health, material hazards to our employees who are involved in the service.

Our services are solely meant for the client and not to any third party that is involved with the clients. The client is completely responsible to bear all the inconvenience and legal claims that might arise due to the involvement of the third party or anyone who is in connection with our services via clients.

We give clients the freedom to request us for any more factors to be added to the checklists or services provided by us. Based on the factor requests raised, we would further discuss the effect of these requests on the cost of the services provided by us.

The client has to provide us with undamaged tools and products involved in the part of our training. Especially the construction clients should recheck the tools before giving them to us as they are associated with more hazardous damages and cause harm to the life of individuals handling the tools.

Either Compliant Experts or the client can request for a change in the services but only after a written agreement that clearly mentions detailed information on the necessary liabilities subjecting the changes.

Any sudden cancellation or postpone of the scheduled work without prior intimation from the client's side shall be invoiced with the charges involved in getting to the place physically (accommodation, travel, etc..) and also getting back to the office.

The company is completely responsible to maintain the confidential information of the client and is completely responsible to bear all the legal claims for any kind of security breach caused by us.

The company holds the copyright authorities of all the materials provided to the client as part of the training program and the client can copy the information in any media only after getting it sanctioned from our end.

The company and the client are responsible to return back the confidential documents to each other after the entire contract is done.

The client and the company may end the contract in any extreme inconvenience caused only after a thirty-day prior notice by either of the parties.

The company is not responsible for any kind of incidental, consequential, special, direct damages caused apart from the damages caused by the misconduct of the companies programs.

Any disputes caused by either party in respective to meetings the concerned authorities have to be resolved by making an attempt to discuss on the same.

The company should be completely aware of the GST fees and other taxes included as part of the services provided.

Any of the party experiencing a force majeure event i.e. act of god consequences or any other uncontrollable circumstances such as war, strike, riots, etc... has the right to postpone, pause or terminate the terms and conditions by providing all the required reasons and proofs of the force majeure.

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