Workplace safety in the educational environment and can be more challenging than other workplaces due to the mix of students, teachers, support staff, and even the visiting public. Larger secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities, resemble small cities with restaurants, kitchens, swimming pools, auto shops, wood shops, metal shops, laboratories, sports facilities, theaters, as well as the equipment and staff to maintain complete office safety. Compliant Experts offers training in diverse environments that are simple and easy to learn.

All of our training programs have advanced features where the updates are delivered to the employees’ phones or mobile devices via text and/or email. The administrator has the flexibility to create different groups for a dedicated task and also can bifurcate the notifications accordingly. For example, conventional lifting techniques and hazard communication would go to all groups, but tool safety and lockout may only be sent to maintenance and shop staff.

Compliant Experts school safety procedure and practice

Ensure that management and employees meet all the legal requirements.

Adhere to education/office safety standards and comply with workplace safety policies.

Accomplishes a safe work environment to assure employees safety and hazard containment.

Ensure to create a secure environment for the studies and the employees of the Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Conduct training sessions, educate on hazard management, risk management drills, and audits are provided to a liable person for completion on-demand or on a preset schedule.

Hazard awareness and precautionary measures are delivered to a phone via text or email on a preset schedule, or instantly on-demand to ensure a safer more compliant facility.

Suffices the Occupational Safety and Health Act requirements.

Provides the administrator with an advanced additional forum of sending instant alerts to all subscribed individuals.

Curtails risk, accidents, and damages to ensure safety to create a healthy and safe work environment, saving time and money.

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