Safety is a requisite part of finishing your project under the estimated budget. Extending the deadlines and delays caused due to any fatal accidents on the construction site can result in a huge loss. Finding a replacement to continue the job after accidents can be time-consuming, in addition to the care taken to provide insurance for the health and safety of the injured employees. Compliant Experts helps you focus on employees’ health and safety at a meager cost, ensures construction safety, and creates a secure worksite.

Construction is a hazardous occupation, and at construction sites, dynamic activities take place. Employees tend to be exposed to various hazards such as working on rooftops while using scaffoldings, exposure to substantial construction equipment, falling of heavy objects due to mishandling, injury due to lifting heavy objects, death due to electrocution. Every year almost 1000 construction workers are killed on the job, and over 1/3 of those fatal injuries are caused by falls from elevation.

To reduce these fatal accidents, Compliant Experts provides training for safe work practices, ensures taking precautionary measures to contain fatal accidents, and minimizes the risk of hazards. Our training meets Occupational Safety and Health Act requirements. Compliant Experts intends to create a secure work environment that safeguards employees and gets them to pay attention to employee health and safety.

Compliant Experts construction safety procedure and goals

Specialized in simplifying safety in the construction industry.

Provides training to prevent fatal accidents, recognize hazards, and risk management.

Offers an advanced safety feature to build a safety training calendar with the topics your employees need to stay safe on the job.

As per the calendar, the training alerts and notifications are provided directly to the employees’ mobile phones and devices.

Schedules audits, equipment safety pre-checks detailed updates are sent to mobile phones and devices regularly.

Schedules audits, equipment safety pre-checks documentation is recorded safely offsite where you can retrieve it as a report.

Compliant Experts safety management program focuses on construction safety, creates and integrates safety into the workplace. We Engage employees, recognize and reward their participation, manage subcontractors, test material retention and competence, audit Jobsite risk, and keep equipment pre-checks up to date. It is an overall solution to all the construction safety issues.

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